Zordenply offers a wide range of plywood & blockboard to lay a promising foundation for a perfect home. 

Plywood & Blockboard is a versatile product that can be used in various applications like shelves, tables and benches, single and double beds, settees, and lengthy wall panels. Zordenply is a leading manufacturer of plywood and Blockboard with the latest technology and certifications. This product offers not only superior quality but also provides safe indoor air quality.

Zordenply is a top-rated plywood brand in India. We offer high-quality plywood at a fair price. Zordenply is the best choice if you are looking for high-quality plywood or blockboard, both commercial and marine grade.

Zordenply is your one-stop shop for home furnishing. It is proud to have been voted one of the top plywood manufacturers in India. Our innovative products offer functional benefits for the living, bedroom, and kitchen.

We are committed to creating and sticking to a world of Perfection. Zordenply believes that a product manufacturer is nothing without creating products with conviction and perfection. In a constantly changing world and becoming more competitive, finding your niche and creating unique solutions and creations is important. This will not happen in a matter of hours. This takes a lot of dedication and commitment to be unique at each step.




Zordenply is India’s most trusted plywood manufacturer. Our products are high in stiffness and strength, each with unique features and technical specifications. We can produce high-quality plywood and allow customers to choose from various options. We are one of India’s leading plywood producers, with two main product categories: plywood & blockboards. Shuttering plywood and flush doors are new types of professional products that we can supply. They are different from traditional furniture plywood or structural plywood. All material selections and process improvements are made to enhance the quality of our products.

We sell in bulk to terminal processing customers, global importers, and sellers. This product is a great addition to traditional plywood


MULTI-PURPOSE: The panels can be used in many crafts projects. Beautiful decorations, ornaments and cutouts can be made from the panels.

PRECISION CUTTING: The shuttering plywood is safe and they are perfect for decorating, decoupage, varnishing, pyrography, crafts, and other projects.

AFFORDABLE PRICE: We know the value of your pocket so your Zordenply price is quite affordable for your any need.


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